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5 April, 1984

Jack is so wonderful, even if I don’t approve of his temper. Yesterday, as I was writing, I heard my bath run and, as I was alone in my room, I went to find the reason for it. Jack was standing there, the window open wide behind him. I didn’t know what to say, so he said that I mentioned I was sore and that a bath would be good for it. I nodded and before he went to find me a change of clothes, I made him promise not to fight anyone ever. He said it was to defend me, and I said I didn’t care. Who would defend me if Jack got himself killed?


So he promised and he asked if he had hurt me yesterday and if I wasn’t ready and I told him that it must be normal. He’s never slept with someone like me, he said, so he had no idea. Avery was right.

Anyway, he kissed my head and I got into the bath and he came back with a change of clothes and then I decided to keep my earlier promise to him and I asked him to come in with me. He kept his arm on the edge of the tub and I pressed against his chest and it was just a nice quiet moment that reminded me why I love him so much. Not that I ever need reminding, really, because I always think of him and how much I need him, but things have been very stressful lately. And the last thing I needed was to have Jack getting in fights with a broken arm! I believe he’ll respect that wish now.

He asked if anything changed between us. I reckon he meant because of the fight, so I told him no. It’s odd how insecure he sometimes reveals himself to be, probably without meaning to. He’s not the sort who would want to display any vulnerabilities.

He invited me over for supper tonight, so I need to get ready!
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