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6 April, 1984

Dinner was a very interesting experience. Everything is lately. There are still butterflies in my stomach! We talked of things that he would mention in passing but I never thought he was being serious. On our anniversary, I had smeared cake on his face and he said something to the effect of not yet, meaning that I had to wait for a wedding. Our wedding. And then later he asked if Avery would be a best man. It was all so overwhelming, but last night beat that by a mile.

He agreed to move home with me someday! Home to Cape Town, of all places! I told him about the estate and it didn’t even put him off. Butterflies butterflies butterflies butterflies oh, how is it possible that I was so lucky to have met Jack?

I’m still not sure if what I did worked or not but I really hope so. Every day is another day that I feel a renewed sense of luck. If blessings were real, Jack would be the biggest one in my life. He’s so wonderful. He’s not scared away by any of what I say.

Sometimes I remember the look on his face after I was pulled from the car. I remember the tears and I know that he’d never hurt me. He’s the safest person in my life and I will be with him forever.


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