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ADAGE : the diary of claire fitzwilliam

and the story of her jack

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"(2) The opening section of the classical pas de deux, in which the ballerina assisted by her male partner, performs the slow movements and enlèvements in which the danseur lifts, supports or carries the danseuse.

The danseuse thus supported exhibits her grace, line and perfect balance while executing développés, pirouettes, arabesques and so on, and achieves combinations of steps and poses which would be impossible without the aid of her partner.
" (source)

For the sake of clarity, Adage is a multimedia endeavour into the lives of two teenage lovers in the early 1980s. Taken primarily from the point of view of Claire Fitzwilliam and her trusty lavender diary, she documents life as she knows it over the course of about a year-and-a-half.

But oh, what a year-and-a-half it was. It will be chronicled in one (or two) entries a day.

Watch the community, visit the website, fall in love.

When you finish the story here, follow it to epitasis.

(For even more information, take a peek at dirty_life and see where our characters are now.)

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