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FOR THE NEWCOMER: This is a story about two years in a young girl's life. Each entry is an exerpt from her diary. I posted every entry she wrote between November of 1982 and December of 1984. Her name is Claire Rebecca Fitzwilliam, and she is entirely fictional, though it pains me to admit it. The primary focus of this story is on her relationship with a slightly older boy, Jack Camden.

HOW TO READ THIS STORY: A hearty recommendation is that you use the memories. The diary entries are listed chronogically, and all you need to do is use the arrows LJ has at the top of entries to scroll through them. You'll also find character lists, plot summaries, playlists, diary entries, expanded/extra scenes (prose), and illustrations. Each post is backdated to the corresponding date of the scene (year and all!), for easier searching.

WHEN YOU FINISH: Go to EPITASIS, the novel-esque next installment in Claire's life. It begins at the close of the diary and ends, ah, well, you'll see.


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(Not forgotten and not finished. Will be updated again very soon!)
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